MARCELLO RICCIO is excited to announce its upcoming residency at Wolf & Badger’s first store to open outside of the UK, as one of the European brands making their maiden voyage to showcase for the market-leading platform for independent brands. 

MARCELLO RICCIO’s latest collection, HANAKOTOBA, will be unveiled in New York! The inspiration behind, is the designer’s personal interest in Japan and the Japanese multifaceted culture, a society steeped in deep traditions whilst in a steady state of rapid growth, with continually shifting fads and fashions and technological developments that constantly push boundaries.

The collection is designed with the very meaning of the title itself in mind; HANAKOTOBA, the Japanese form of the language of flowers. An ancient art of assigning meanings to flowers, presenting them is purposeful and determines the message sent to the recipient, allowing oneself to communicate feelings and emotions without words. Marcello Riccio feels that jewellery can be used in the same way; when we present it to loved ones we are communicating our appreciation of them. You can communicate through jewellery.

This collection is for statement jewellery lovers. The design is bold and eye-catching, and can be fully appreciated whether wearing just a single item or a full set. All pieces  are handmade and Mother of Pearl is delicately framed by soft Rose Gold; the perfect marriage.

Also featuring in-store are the latest designs from the ever popular SALVADOR collection. Lapis Lazuli, White Opal, Black Agate, Malachite and more, are carved from rough stone by hand into their refined shape to deliver style and class, whatever the occasion.

Mix’n’Match and coordinate your look with the variety of stones and colours on offer, or choose your favourite set to keep it pure and simple.

The collection has already made a firm stamp on US soil online, so Marcello Riccio is particularly enthused to bring SALVADOR to life on the SoHo shop floor.

Come and find MARCELLO RICCIO from the 1st June at Wolf & Badger, 95 Grand Street, New York, 10013, USA. For any more information on MARCELLO RICCIO or our residency at Wolf & Badger, please contact